Agri-Plas, Inc. Plant
Accepted/Not Accepted: hover image for more information.

Aceepted: Plastic binder twine

Loose end baling twine should be dirt, rock and mud free.

Accepted: Plastic Film

We accept clear & white greenhouse cover. We also accept bloack film that has a minimum 6 mil thickness.

Accepted: Triple Rinsed Pesticide/Herbicide containers

We accept triple-rinsed crop protection containers (ACRC program). This includes jugs, buckets, drums and totes. Containers must have lids off. Booklets should be removed. Labels are OK.

Accepted: Plastic drums

Agri-Plas accepts both agricultural and commercial/industrial drums that are rinsed and liquid free. Please see our pesticide program page and contact us for details.

Accepted: Obsolete Mini-bulk containers

Mini-bulk containers must be triple-rinsed and liquid free. We collect both whole containers with or without metal cages, or cut in 3 x 3 squares. Contact us for more information.

Accepted: Drip tape, tube and pipe

We take drip tape and tube that is mud-free. Some dirt is acceptable but should not be excessive. (See picture) Remove any metal clips. We also accept corrugated and solid black drainage pipe. NO PVC pipe.

Accepted: Buckets

We accept buckets that are rinsed and dry. Handles should be removed.

Accepted: Nursery pots, trays and crates

Nursery pots that are rock, dirt and plant debris-free. They should be nested together for efficient handling

Accepted: Polystyrene trays

We accept polystyrene plug trays that are free of dirt, rock and plant debris.

Accepted: Black and White Ag Film

We accept Black and White Ag Film/sileage bags, and white hay bale wraps. Materials need to be rock and mud free. We hand cut and mechanically grind black and white film. We appreciate your efforts to keep both films dry and mud free for us.

Accepted: Polywoven bags

Agri-Plas accepts used supersacks and seed sacks. Bags and sacks need to be free of residue.


  • Mulch film
  • Light weight woven plant cover
  • Household plastics
  • Vinyl siding
  • Plastic medical waste


  • Slick bags used for animal food or fertilizer
  • Styrofoam
  • Any plastic with metal attached
  • Laminated plastic to paper or foil

NOT ACCEPTED Commercial/Industrial hard plastics No pallets or hard plastic purgings.

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