Container Preparation Checklist


Preparing containers for recycling is important. Please be sure to follow this checklist before either we arive for pickup, or you drop off containers.


Working with the ACRC (Ag Container Recycling Council), we collect and process crop protection containers in Oregon, Washington and Idaho. Our expanded services include both mobile grinding and whole container pickup. Please visit our pesticide container programs page for more information.

PRIOR USE: EPA registered crop protection products labeled for agriculture, animal health, forestry, vegetative management, and specialty pest control are acceptable. Also acceptable, are containers holding crop protection adjuvants, crop oils and surfactants.

EXCLUSIVE PROFESSIONAL USE : The ACRC accepts containers for products applied by Growers or Commercial Applicators only. Do not include containers that held veterinary, consumer or home & garden protection products. These are not acceptable for recycling in the ACRC program.

TYPE: Include containers made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) only; embossed with the plastic resin code #2.

SIZES: All sizes up to and including 55-gallon capacity are routinely accepted.

Containers that originally held consumer products, or home and garden pesticides are NOT ACCEPTABLE.

RESIDUES & CLEANING: Containers must be empty and triple-rinsed or pressure-rinsed to remove all residue. Staining is acceptable. Caked-on residue is not. Be sure there is no residue that can be smeared or will flake off when touched with a glove. The interior surfaces of containers must be dry.

PARTS & CAPS: NON-high-density polyethylene (HDPE) parts such as caps, metal handles and rubber linings cannot be recycled, and should be disposed of as normal solid waste. Do not put a cap back on a rinsed container.

LABEL & BOOKLET REMOVAL: Labels and booklets will interfere with the recycling process and should be removed. If you have trouble with label removal , check with your ACRC Contractor.


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