Accepted Materials

Plastic Binder Twine – Loose end bailing twine should be dirt, rock, and mud free.

Plastic Film – Clear and white greenhouse cover. Also accepting some black film and mixed color film (needs to be clean).

Shrink Wrap – Clean and clear shrink wrap. No tape, labels, paper, or strapping.

Pesticide/Herbicide Containers – This includes jugs, buckets, and drums. (See container prep checklist here.)

Plastic Drums – Both agricultural and commercial/industrial drums that are rinsed and liquid free.

IBC TOTES (250 gal) – Must be triple rinsed and liquid free. We collect both whole containers with or without metal cages, or cut in 3×3 squares. (Only accepted in Oregon. Please call for Washington.)

Buckets – Must be rinsed and dried. Handles should be removed.

Nursery Pots, Plug Trays, and Crates – Please call for drop off appointment. Accepting pots with recycling numbers 2 and 5. Please sort and bring in on pallets.

Drip Tube/ Drip Tape – Must be rolled (water hose rolls), and brought to us.

We no longer accept:

  • Seed sacks (both plastic and paper)
  • Woven super sacks (except those used for holding approved materials)
  • Woven animal feed bags
  • Onion bags
  • Bale wrap
  • Strapping
  • Lumber wrap
  • Cardboard
  • Cores
  • Pipe

If you have any questions about specific materials not listed, please contact us.